Slydog Softworks Ltd

Getting started with the Slydog Editor package.

Getting started

Learn how to setup your new site with a custom banner and navigation.

Slydog Columns

Learn how to add Slydog columns. The building block of great sites.

Slydog Reveal

Learn how to use Slydog scroll reveal. This will really brings your site to life.

Slydog Editor & Stacks Tutorials

Here you will find all of the tutorials to help you get the most out of the Slydog Editor.

Slydog Editor & Stacks

Slydog Editor: The stack that does all the magic.
Slydog Header: Settings for the site banner.
Slydog Slider: Settings for the slider.
Slydog Columns: Columns stack.
Slydog Text: A simple text stack.
Slydog Image: Create and control the position of images.
Slydog Button: A simple button stack.
Slydog Forms: Base and Input Stacks combine to create simple forms.
Slydog Reveal: Scroll reveal with rotations.