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Slydog Reveal Tutorial

Slydog reveal allows you to add animation effects as you scroll down or up the page.

Slydog Reveal stack - Settings

Scroll to reveal.
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This is default text doing y-rotation
  • Direction: Sets the direction the element will slide in.

  • Rotation: Set the rotation, either x, y or z, this basically rotates the element as it slides in.

  • Rotation Deg: set how many degrees you would like the element to rotate as it slides in.

  • Travel dist: Set the distance you would like the element to travel, as in percentage of the screen width.

  • Animation time: Set the time of the amimation in seconds. All animations start transparent and gradually appear depending on the animation time.

  • Reverse reveal: If you enable reverse reveal the animation will reset when it scrolls outside the view and show again when it scrolls back into view. If disabled the animation will show as it scrolls into view but will not reset when out of view.

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