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Columns Tutorial

Slydog columns allow you to setup how you would like the columns to look, there are quite a few settings for this so the best way is to experiment.

column 1

column 2

column 3

Slydog Columns stack - Settings

Select Use custom settings.

Note: ul = un-ordered lists and ol = ordered lists.

  • Shadow colour: Set shadow colour 1.

  • h-offset: Horizontal shadow offset.

  • v-offset: Verical shadow offset.

  • blur: Shadow blur.

  • Background: Set background colours, row for main background colour and column for column background colour.

  • Border colour: Set border colour.

  • Border style: Set border style.

  • Border size: Set border size in pixels.

  • Border radius size: Set border radius.

  • Columns: Set number of columns required.

  • Column width: Set the width of the columns in percentage.

  • Gutter width: Sets the margin size between the columns.

Stacks Image 52