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Form Tutorial

Slydog Forms
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To help with forms you have Slydog Base and Slydog Input Stacks, these work together to assist with creating simple contact forms, featuring a hidden honey pot to help prevent spam.

Slydog Base Stack - Settings

  • To Address: The email address you wish the form to be sent to.

  • To Name: The name of the recipient.

  • From Address: The email address of the sender, most servers require that this address is the same as the website address. so if your website is called then the send address must be

  • From Name: The name the form is sent from.

  • Subject: This will be in the subject field or the form you recieve.

  • Sent message This will be the message shown to the user after the form has been sent.

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Slydog Input Stack - Settings

  • Type: select type, either text, password, email or textarea.

  • Placeholder: This is placeholder text.

  • Field Name: The name of the field that is sent.

  • Required: Tick this if the field must be filled in.

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Slydog Editor - Forms Settings

First Form Input settings

  • Form item: Select form item, either input or button.

  • Font colour: Set font colour.

  • Font size: Set the font size in pixels.

  • Border colour: Set the border colour of the input box.

  • Border style: Select the border style.

  • Border size: Set the thickness of the border.

  • Border radius: Set the radius of the border.

Second Form button settings

  • Style: Set the button style, either plain, rounded or rectangle.

  • Colour: Set the text and background colours.

  • Hover Colour: Set the hover text and background colours.

  • Font size: Set the font size.

  • Shadow colour: Set the drop shadow colour.

  • h-offset: Horizontal shadow offset.

  • v-offset: Verical shadow offset.

  • blur: Shadow blur.

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Slydog Base and Slydog Input stacks work together, so you drag the Slydog Base into the editor first and then drag and drop Slydog Input stacks inside the base.

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