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Header Tutorial

The header allows you to customise the settings for the site banner.
Slydog Editor - Header Settings
  • Banner: Choose banner or no banner ( No banner disables the banner. )

  • Use custom settings: Select to use custom settings.

  • Show page title: Selecting this turns on the page title and slogan.

  • Use custom banner: Select this to use a custom banner image.

  • Background Col: Select background colour. ( To see background colour, you need to disable banner image. )

  • Disable banner image: Select to turn banner image off.

  • Banner image: Banner image is an image well, simply drag an image into the well for use as the page banner.

  • Banner align: Choose alignment for your banner.

Banner filters

  • Brightness: sets the brightness.

  • Contrast: sets the contrast.

  • Grayscale: sets the grayscale.

  • Sepia: sets the sepia.

  • Saturate: sets the saturation.

  • Invert: sets the invert.

  • Opacity: sets the opacity ( If you have a background image set, you can see it through the banner image, quite a nice effect.)

Banner settings

  • Width: Set the width of the banner, not sure this is any use but added it anyway.

  • Height: Set the height of the banner.

  • Overlap angle: adjusts the angle at the top of the content.

Banner animation

  • Enable heartbeat: enables a heartbeat effect (zooms slowly in and out. )
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