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Header Text Tutorial

Set the style of the header text, h1,h2,h3 etc.
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Slydog Editor Header Text - Settings

Select Use custom settings.

  • Size: Set the size to use h1,h2,h3, etc.

  • Heading colour: Set the colour of the heading.

  • Background colour: Set the backgound colour of the heading.

  • Google font: Select to use a google font.

  • Font name: Enter font name, if using google a google font enter name as it appears on the google fonts web page, this is case sensitive.

  • Bold, Italic, Underline: Select decoration.

  • Font size: Set the font size.

Shadow perimeters are available for h1 text size only at this time, we may add to the rest if they are asked for.

  • Shadow colour 1: Set shadow colour 1.

  • h-offset(1): Horizontal shadow offset.

  • v-offset(1): Verical shadow offset.

  • blur(1): Shadow blur.

  • Shadow colour 2: Set shadow colour 1.

  • h-offset(2): Horizontal shadow offset.

  • v-offset(2): Verical shadow offset.

  • blur(2): Shadow blur.

  • Cast shadow: Select to turn the shadow on/off.

There are quite a few nice effects that can be achieved, the best way is to try all the settings.

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