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Installation Tutorial


The Slydog Editor consists of a selection of stacks to help you design your new website with ease.

  • Firstly The Slydog Editor works best with our Slydog Theme, to Install the theme simply double click the Slydog Rapidweaver Theme.

  • Install the Slydog Editor stack simply double click the Stack, It resembles a lego brick, and click install.

Stacks Image 62

Slydog Theme

On starting RapidWeaver create a new RapidWeaver Project.

Select the Slydog Theme.

Stacks Image 68

Add a Stacks Page

Stacks Image 74
Slydog Editor Stack

If you look in the stacks library on the left you should see the Slydog Editor pictured below.

Stacks Image 80
Slydog Editor

At the very top of each page you should start with our Slydog Editor Stack, simply just drag it from the left stacks library into the top of your main page and you should then see the Slydog Editor.

This is the stack that controls the whole look of your page.

Stacks Image 86
Custom Settings

Select the custom settings box to use your own customised settings.

The reason we have this option is to ensure you don’t break themes that have been designed by other developers.

We have tried to develop the Slydog Editor so that it works with other themes but some developers use their own CSS class names and ID’s etc. which makes it impossible to cater for every theme.

The best approach is to try the settings and if they don’t work then disable the custom settings for that part.

Stacks Image 92