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Navigation Tutorial

Slydog navigation is the menu system, simply select navigation from the Slydog Editor.
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Slydog Editor Navigation - Settings

Select Use custom settings.

These settings also style the navigation on the footer too.

  • h-position: This moves the top navbar to prefered horizontal position.

  • Show logo: Turn logo on/off.

  • Show page title: Turn page title on/off.

  • Background colour: Sets the navbar's background colour.

  • Margin: Increases the margin between links in pixels.

  • Border colour: Sets the nav links border colour.

  • Border style: Sets the style of the nav links border.

  • Border size: Increases the thickness of the nav links border.

  • Border radius: Increases the corner radius.

  • Link, visited, hover and active colours: Set the nav links text and background colours.

  • Fixed Navbar/Footer Select for fixed position.

  • Google font: Select to use google font.

  • Font name: Enter font name, if using google a google font enter name as it appears on the google fonts web page, this is case sensitive.

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